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Text Boundary of things - II

This installation has been presented during the Uncut exhibition "Hold me now - touch and feel in the unreal world" at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam from 21 - 24 March 2018. 


The official text:

"The Boundary of Things contains a haptic interface that mediates light and sound. By interconnecting vision, hearing and touch, our visual world in which touch plays an inferior role is temporarily moved aside. It's an interplay among the senses in which the animate and inanimate, the static and the everlasting changing world, and the organic and inorganic are senses and questioned. The artwork therefore becomes an instrument with which to playfully search for boundaries and balance. The visitor is invited to touch with hesitation and to hesitate through touch."

I further developed this project for my graduation of July 2018. Click here for the results.


Silicone, plaster, sound, light sensors, grey mdf, 1 LED light from my studio, MAX MSP

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