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...Thought itself in dramatic encounters with imperceptible forces: moments when intensities provoke the mind to interpret and create.

(Ramley, Deleuze and education, p. 178)

This sentence was the starting point of the, still ongoing, (practical) research between the logical versus the illogical, reason versus emotion, the conscious mind versus the subconscious one versus the unconscious version, the known versus the unknown, the unnamable and namable. In practical form, my aim was to make an installation, or machine rather, that plays with the effects (and illusions) of our perception and deals with the different ways of conscious and not so conscious operations of our mind. In order to do so, I have used neural oscillation, the so-called brain waves categories, as point of departure for the visual (re)presentation;

delta; unconscious, intuition and insight

theta; sleep and dream

alpha, meditation

beta; activity and conversation

gamma; learning and knowledge

By the means of the subjective and purely visual imaginiation of these 5 categories and the visual elements I have used, can I provoke and trigger with the "participant" these actual differences, doubt and confusion?

The installation is in theoretical and practical terms underdeveloped, yet has the potential to be taken to a higher level. To be continued!


Wood, glass, fluorescent water, motors, magnets, (UV) light

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