THE PAGES OF MY RESEARCH - a sound installation / textile installation

This work has been developed during my 2-year Masters at the ArtScience Interfaculty of the Royal Academy of Art / Royal Conservatory of The Hague (2019 - 2020).


One year ago, I discovered a material I had never seen and smelled before. The gorgeous brownish translucency of the dried cellulose material, the undefinable smell, the asymmetrical texture and patterns provoked strong ambivalent sensibilities. Since this moment, this material has been the focus of my research for the ArtScience Master. I created an experimental domestic (sound) set-up, growing 16 sheets of cellulose in five consecutive iterations over a period of six months. The result, a total amount of 80 sheets, are 'The Pages of my Research'. 


Through both (sound and textile) installations, I hope to provoke a similar ‘multisensorial’ experience to visitors. Next to the sound installation, I have made a light installation, having sewed the material on ‘silk’ and placed four strokes of LED lights behind it. In this way, the beautiful translucency of the material becomes visible. The ‘textiles’ are hanging on a ellipse metal rack on the ceiling and can be re-located around the rack, facing the window or the interior of the space. 


Four tactile transducers (=speakers) are placed on the window, playing (live or not) the ‘tunes’ of the fermentation recordings. It is audible for the people passing by the window. 


Sound Installation // Metal, white textile, dried (microbial) cellulose, four tactile transducers, wood, microphone (karaoke) amplifier  // 1.21m x 97 cm x 38cm

Textile Installation // Metal, white textile, dried (microbial) cellulose, LED lights // 3m x 1.5m x 30 cm